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I find it extremely difficult to write about myself. Where do I start? There is a whole lifetime of events that have shaped and molded the person that I am today, and hopefully a very long future ahead of me that continues to shape and mold me into the person that I will inevitably become. When I look back at my life so far, I look at albums that my mother has painstakingly crafted with various photos, awards, newspaper clippings and trinkets from my childhood and remember what it was like to live those moments. I cherish those memories and am thankful that I have something to reference... something to bring me back to those times as if they were yesterday.

A lifetime is filled with precious moments that shape and define us as an individual, and as people collectively. What is left of these moments is documented in our memories, journals, television, internet, and photo albums. Once the moment passes, it is essentially gone and cannot be relived. It can, however, be remembered. This simple concept is one of the many reasons I photograph: to remember what it was like to live in that moment.

I was and still am very in tune with the arts. Back in my younger years I was deemed "artist of the year" before high school graduation and then went on to start and flourish as a New York City based House Music DJ. I still dabble in the music scene by producing original and remixed music and update a podcast from time to time, but my true passion lies behind the lens. Once I discovered photography, there was no turning back. There was (and is) something magical when looking through a viewfinder and imagining the creative possibilities that can be made by simply manipulating a few dials and pressing a shutter button.

I remember the first time my parents had a "real camera" - a Minolta SLR (can't remember the model) which they never actually used. They bought it for a vacation and then it sat for months until I picked it up and was instantly enthralled. At the time, I had no real idea what aperture or shutter speed were, but I knew that a journey had begun. I knew that I wanted to take pictures all the time. That was over 25 years ago, and my love for photography has never been stronger.

As I conclude this ramble, I would just like to leave you with one final thought, the thought that brought us here in the first place: In retrospect, life is a series of memories. As you prepare for whatever lies ahead, as you encounter new opportunities, tackle and overcome life's obstacles and witness life's miracles, take a moment to sit back, reflect and remember what it was like to live in that moment. You'll be surprised how good it can look.

Panagiotis Siafakas
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